Update 04-23-09:  I have people call me and say “I know you are booked up or I know you are not taking new clients”  I guess this came from an old post where I posted I was booked up.  I do still have a few avaliable appointments for July and August and Sept.  I can take one more for Oct. and two more for November 2009.

In July and August I was offering to style the session (you bring several clothing items and I will go through them or I may use something I have) and you will receive a complimentary 11×14 from the session.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Please call at 318-878-7399 or 318-669-7399 and leave a message.  Never just send a message through the blog.  I have had problems with people receiving emails at times.

Thanks & God Bless!



02-02-09:  Tomorrow 02


-03-09 there is a bone marrow drive for Amber Tamburo at the Delhi Civic Center from 8am-7pm.  Please go by to see if you are a match.  It is nothing other than swabing in the mouth.  Nothing painful.  Please go by!!!!   











Hello and thanks for stoping by.  Photography is such a blessing to me and I am so thankful that God has blessed me with this talent and that I am able to use the talent he gave me to bless others.  What is just as important to me is sharing my faith and the Word of God.  It makes me feel so good when people tell me they go to my site for inspiration to help them live a more Godly life.  You don’t know how good that makes me feel.  I want God to use me to bless others because without Him I have no talent.  I just want to give Him the praise and glory for what He has given me.

I look forward to all my 2009 appointments. 

If you contact me through the blog, please try contacting me by phone as well.  Sometimes people will contact me through the blog and I will respond and they may or may not get my response.  Contact information:  318-878-7399; 318-669-7399

Thanks & God Bless!