9524-03-blog0697-02-8x12-blog0699-02-12x8-blog0708-01-12x8-blog0714-01-8x12-blog9506-01-8x12-blog9516-01-12x8-blogjmelcena is the name of my friend Joni’s new business.  She has started making these awesome scarves and I just love them and love  photographing people wearing them.  Of course my daughter modeled one for me and I was able to talk one of my senior girls in to modeling one for me as well.  I am  going to do up some advertising cards for Joni and needed a few photos.  I am planning on having some of these to use in sessions and she  is making some summer weight one’s as well.  I am so excited for her and what God is doing in her life.  She is a Godly woman and  I am just soooo excited about how He has lead her to do these and I know she gives Him the glory for it.  If you are interested in ordering a scarf, I am going to list her information here and you can contact her.  Please let her know how you heard about  j. melcena.  I am hoping I can help her out by sending her some folks. 

Name:  Joni




Trust me these scarves are awesome!!!!

Words of Wisdom:  “You have never tested God’s resources until you have attempted the impossible.” —Author unknown

Never wait for a miracle.  Go after your dream.  Do your part to the very best of your ability, and ask God to make up the difference.  He won’t act until we step out in faith. (Your bridge to a better future by John C. Maxwell).

Lord Jesus, I pray that we all follow our dreams and step out in faith trusting You.  You always know what is best, and may we always glorify You.  Amen.

God Bless!