What an awesome shoot this was.  I am starting to think that I could photograph senior girls all year long.  They are just so much fun.  You boys are too but the girls just enjoy having their photos taken so much more.  We had so much fun during this session despite having to take rain breaks and trying to protect my camera from the rain.  I just really enjoyed every minute of it.  Taylor is so beautiful inside and out.  She was just a blessing to photograph and so photogentic.  Here are a few from the session.  I could have kept posting but have to save some of my other favorits for a surprise.  Hope ya’ll enjoy and as always give thanks to the Lord.  He is just so Awesome and worthy of all our praise.

Words of Wisdom:  “To bury our dreams is to bury ourselves, for we are really ‘such stuff as dreams are made on.’ God’s dream for us is to reach our potential.”——Author Unknown

All you do in life depends on you—on what you think you can do.  The size of your dreams determines the scope of your accomplishment.  Your potential has no limits.  You are capable of climbing a thousand Mount Everests.  (You dream to a better future by John C. Maxwell).

Always let God be at the top and He will see that all your dreams come true.  Thanks & God Bless! Vanessa

Lord Jesus, I adore you and glorify Your Name.  Help us to always put You first in our lives and to always know You are the purpose for living and following our dreams and if our dreams are not what You have planned, lead us to follow Your plan for our lives.  Amen.