I didn’t want people on my list to come to the site and think because I was posting that I had forgotten to contact them.  The next several post I will be posting were sessions from Nov. that were on hold until Jan. for proofing.  I should be in touch with everyone by the end of the month to start taking appointment for 2009.  I have a list of seniors that will take first priority throught the first week of March.  I am not taking on any more seniors other than what is already on my list.  I am talking about 2009 seniors not the 2010 seniors on my list.  I appreciate everyone and thank God for each of you.  After I contact you with my policies at that point I will start booking my children/families/bridals/engagments/2010 seniors.   I look forward to a blessed 2009!  I can’t wait to meet all of you new clients and look forward to seeing previous clients in 2009.

Thanks & God Bless!