Hi everyone and hope ya’ll had a blessed Christmas and New Year!  I have so many things that I want to post but just not enough time to do it all.  My daughter turned three on the second and I have some cute photos of her to share.  I just can’t believe how fast they grow up.  How do you like this weather?  I am ready for spring I tell you.  I am tired of this rain and cold already.  I know several of you are waiting to hear from me and I will be working on policies/pricing later this month and will get that sent out to you towards the end of the month.  I am reserving most of Feb. and the first week of March for my seniors that were not able to get in in Nov.  I look forward to all my sessions this year and for God just to use me for His glory.

Well this family is always fun to photograph and they own Bayou Bowl in Monroe so if you have time go by and bowl.  What better thing to do on these rainy days!  They also own Tummy Yummy which is one of my favorite places in downtown West Monroe.  Check them out at http://www.tummyyummycreations.com/  The stuff there is awesome.  Well, here are a few of my favorites and I hope ya’ll enjoy.  May God bless you all this 2009!!!!

Words of Wisdom:  “The secret of success is consistency of purpose.”  –Benjamin Disraeli

Once you discover your purpose in life, focus your attention there.  Change from generalist to specialist.  You cannot be a perrson of destiny and a jack-of-all-trades at the same time. (Your Bridge to a better future by John C. Maxwell)

This is hard to do because I have always been a person who love to do many things.  I just look at them all as gifts from God and if He gives me a gift I am going to use it to glorify Him.

I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing.


Lord Jesus, help us to embrace Your blessings and to always use our blessing to glorify You.  Amen.

Thanks & God Bless!