These two are just beautiful and photogentic.  They both did great in front of the camera and I just had a great time wtih them.   As always I love to see the love shared between siblings.  These are moments to cherish forever.  It was so hot and we had some close calls this day (mom you know what I mean). 

I am continuing to run about 8 sessions behind and working hard to try and catch up (I will never catch up).  I know that I have had to refer people elsewhere but I just cannot take on any more appointments for 2008.  I am sorry and I appreciate your understanding.  I encourage anyone interested for an appointment in 2009 to call and get on the list.  I never dreamed that God would bless my business like He has.  I give Him all the praise and glory for everything.  Everything I do is through Him.

Please continue to pray for Amber.  I do not have an update since two days ago.  I was told that she would be recieving aggressive treatment starting this week and could be at MD Anderson for 8-10 months.  God will perform a miricle in her body I believe.  Thanks for your prayers.

Words of Wisdom:  When you have Jesus, you have it all.  (Daily in Your Presence)

“When he found one (fine pearl) of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.”


LORD, help us to teach our children that true happiness is in You.  Everything on earth is just temporary satisfaction and that You LORD are the only One who can satisfy our hearts.  Amen.

Thanks & God Bless!