I had the pleasure of photographing these three boys and believe me they kept me on my toes.  I had so much fun and they loved the capes and mom had to get them each one.  They were all over the place and it was a job to catch the little one.  Aren’t they just darling.  I should have posted them already, but I got behind due to my little one being sick again last week (Bronchitis).  After prayers, shots, steroids, inhaler, nebulizer treatments, and antibiotics, good gosh thats a lot of stuff, but thanks to God she is doing better.  Well, here are a few of these cute boys from our outing.  Mom was a great sport and I enjoyed my afternoon with them all.  Thanks for stopping by.  Hope ya’ll enjoy.

Words of Wisdom:  God loves each of us as if there were only one of us. (Gods little devotional book)

The LORD is my light and my salvation.


LORD help our children to understand that You love each and everyone of them as if they are the only one.  LORD, help us to teach our children to love one another as You love us.  Amen.

Thanks & God Bless!