I am finally getting to post a few of my little one’s again.  I tell you what, I don’t know how some of you mothers get your kids ready and to a photo shoot.  By the time I got them ready, I didn’t really want to do the shoot.  My kids hate getting dressed.  I think they would love to stay in pajamas all day every day.  I gotta love that because they get that from me.  Sometimes I just hate to get dressed.  We had a great time after we started and my little girl would’t take the sucker out of her mouth.  She loves suckers; I have to hide them from her.  Well here are a few I wanted to share with you.  I will try to share the valentine card later.  Hope ya’ll enjoy.  Maybe the weather will start to get better and we can all get out more.  I hate having to re-schedule due to the weather.

Words of Wisdom:  Any child will learn to worship God who lives his daily life with adults who worship Him. (God’s little instruction book for mom).

He who walks with the wise grows wise.


LORD, help us to lead our children to worship you. Amen.

Thanks & God Bless!