It was such a pleasure to photograph this little one year old.   She was so sweet during the whole session.  Let me tell you, the clothes you choose for a session really affect how your photos turn out.  Her parents did such a great job picking out her outfit for the session.  The colors were great and complimented her eyes so well.  She does have amazing blue eyes.  I had a great time with her parents too.  I photographed her cousins a while back and was excited to photograph her at the age of one.  I have been forgetting to get my photograph taken with my kids, but I am going to start that because I wanted that to be something that I always do.  I have two other sessions that I didn’t get my photo taken with but from this pointe on I will. Well, here are a few favorites.  I am working very hard to post fewer and it is very hard to do this.  I sure wanted to post more.  Hope ya’ll enjoy!

 Words of Wisdom:  The most beautiful action in the world is to love.  The second most beautiful is to give. (God’s little devotional book for parents).

The light in the eyes of him whose heart is joyfull rejoices the hearts of others.


 LORD, help us to always bless others and to raise our kids to enjoy blessing others.  Amen.

Thanks & God Bless!