I wanted to let everyone know that God is continuing to answer our prayers.  Marty got to come home Friday and is home today to celebrate her Birthday (Happy Birthday Marty!), and she will be home to celebrate the Birthday of Jesus.  Thank you God for answering our prayers.  He just wants a relationship with us and we have to communicate with Him in order to have a relationship.

I didn’t get to go th church yesterday due to food poisoning.  I pray that I never get that again.  I will never eat another hot dog from (T) either.  I hope everyone is able to celebrate Christmas with their families and remember the trure meaning of Christmas.  If you have time tonight be sure to read The Christmas Story with your children, one about the true meaning of Christmas (Make time).  May God be with you all and I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

P.S.  I am running a little behind on getting all my stuff ready for 2008.  I will be contacting the one’s on my list for your email addresses very soon.  I believe I will just email you my 2008 information.   I didn’t realize how fast December was going to pass.  I promise I will be getting information to you soon.  My first two weeks of Jan. were already gone before I stopped taking appointments and most of March is gone too, but everything else will be open to the one’s I hear from on the list after I send out the information. 

Christmas Night

A cattle stall,

A frozen night,

A manger small,

Soft cadle light.

A bed of straw,

 No hands to help,

But Joseph’s hands

As Mary wept.

No one but them

When Christ was born,

Except for cows

And sheep inshorn.

Soft candle light,

Dear manger scene,

That Christmas night

Earth was redeemed.

(by Perry Tanksley)

God Bless!