Please  continue  to  pray  for Marty.   She  is going  to  get  a  one  day  pass  this  weekend.   I  know  she  is ready  for a  day  away  from  the hospital.    God  is continuing  to heal  her  body.    We  need  to  continue  to  pray  for full recovery.

Well,  I  have so many  things to focus on this month  and the month  is almost gone. I  still have shopping to  do,  I  have things  to  work  on  as  for as my  business  goes,  and I  still  have  my  kids pictures  to  work on as  well  as  my  nephew’s.  There  just isn’t  enough  time for  everything.  Both  of  my kids have  been  sick again.  I  am  getting  tired of going to  the  doctor.   This  time my little girl  had  bronchitis and is  on  an inhaler,  and now  my  son  has started  coughing,  so  keep them  in  your prayers. We  got so  scared  today when  a  pipeline blew  and shook  our house and  just about  everyone’s  here in this  town.   My  little  one kept saying  “it  scared me  death  too”    It  sounded so  cute, but  is  was  scary.    The  explosion  wasn’t  far  and you  could  see  the flames  and the windows  literally  shoot on  the  house.   I  hope we  never experience that again.  

Well  here are a  few  I  was  able to  get of Eva  Kate  the  day  she didn’t feel  well. Turns out she  has acid reflux.  I  wouldn’t have wanted my  photo taken either.    She  is beautiful  and  has  beautiful  parents inside and out.    Welcome  her  to  the world.   

Words of Wisdom:    A  baby  is  something  you  carry  inside  you  for  nine months, in  your  arms for three  years,  and  in  your heart  till the day  you  die.  (God’s little  devotional  book).

Lo,  children  are  an  heritage  of the  LORD.


Lord,  let  us  pray  for  our  children  daily  and  help  us  to  guide them  in  the right  direction.    Amen.

Thanks  &  God Bless!