Please  continue  to pray for Marty.  I  told her  that  I am praying that she will be home  by Christmas.  God can have her home  by then. 

I  am finally getting around to  posting  some of my precious little girl.  I have some of  my  son to  and I am  going to  get to those.  I took these  back in Sept. and just now getting  to  most of them. I had done  a  few  earlier, but just now got around to the rest.  She is  so precious to me and has such  a  sweet spirt about her.  She  can  be  a  litter  stinker to.    Every  morning  when she wakes up  she  leans over and gives  me a  kiss.  I  can’t  ask for anything  more  special  than that.

We  all got to go the the Children’s Museum this  past Thursday  night and we  had  such  a  great  time  and the kids  had a ball.   I took several pictures  and will get to them soon as  well.  My  son  got to  sing at  the  Delhi Civic  Center last  night with our church  children’s choir and  it was so awesome  watching  our  children  praise  and worship the Lord.

  I  want to  continue to thank everyone  for  the  great  2007 year we  had.  I  feel  so  blessed to  have  met  everyone  I  did  and  had  such  a  great time  capturing memories  for  all of  you.  I  am  looking forward to  2008.  Here  are a  few  of my  favorites  and I  am going to  have  to  order some big one’s of these. 

Hope ya’ll enjoy!

Words  of Wisdom:   Work  is not a  punishment-it is  a  blessing. (mama’s rules  for livin) by Mamie McCullough.

Work hard  and cheerfully at all you  do, just as though you were working for the Lord  and not merely  for your masters.


Lord, I pray that the children  will love  the work that  they  do and work  as  if  they  are working for  you.  Amen.

Thanks  &  God Bless!