Christmas is drawing near  too  quickly. I hope  I get my shopping  done.  Please continue to pray for Marty.   I  would  love  to  see  her come home  very soon.   

This  senior  is  a  special  person.   He  has been through  more  than most of  us  have  at an  older  age.    He has  continued  to hold  his  head  high  and has  big plans  for his future.    My wish  for him is  to continue  to  go forward  and to remember  that  you can  do  anything  you  set your mind to.  Look at  your  crossroads  as  a  building block  and just  be  sure  to  take the right  path.    Here  are  a  few  of my favorites.   Hope  ya’ll  enjoy. 

I  do  have a  session  from last week  of  a  new  born ,  but I  am  not sure  I  got anything  yet.   She  had a bad  tummy  ache  and was  fussy so  we  are  having  a re-shoot in  Jan.   If I  got anything  I  will post  it during   my  break.    I  took  some  pictures  of my  kids  last  night  while we  were  trying  to  make  a gingerbread house.    It  is  too funny, all the pieces   were  broken,  so we  ended up  with  a  no roof house.    I  was  scared  my  little  one was going  to be  sick  from  all  the candy  and icing  she  ate  while making  it.   Hope to  share some of those  photos  soon.  I am  hoping  to  take  their  Christmas  card picture  next week.

Words  of  Wisdom:    Train  your child  in  the  way  in  which  you  know  you  should  have gone  yourself.

Choosing  the  right direction  sometimes  means  choosing  the unpopular  direction.  Teach  your  children  the  rewards that  can  come at  the end  of such  a  journey.

But blessed   is  the man  who trusts in the  Lord, whose  confidence  is in him.


Lord,  lead our children  in  the right  direction.    Help us  to guide them  in the  right  direction  and to  help  them through  the  discomforts that  life sometimes  brings.  Amen.

Thanks  &  God Bless! 











God  Bless  you all during this Holiday  Season.