All  our  prayers  are  being answered for Marty.  She  was  moved  to a  regular room this week, so that just means PROGRESS!  God is healing  her  every  day.  Continue  to keep praying.    Don’t  let the  busy season  get in  the way  of  your prayers.

 Thsi session  was sooooo  much  fun  and it was  such  a blessing to  photograph them all.    They probably think  I  am  nuts  with some  of the things  I  had them do, but I  think they had a good  time.    I know I  did.   This was two  sessions,  but  at  the same  time.  These  little  one’s  are  cousins  and they  were  too cute.  Here  are a  few of my  favorites.  Hope  ya’ll  enjoy.   

I  took  Kyndal Grace  to the doctor  today and he  said  I would  most likely be  at  her regular  doctor’s office  next  week  with  another  ear  infection  because  she has  more fluid  on  her  ear.   Please  pray that the fluid will  dry  up  and  we  will  make  it  until  Jan. 8th  (her surgery)  without another  ear  infection.   I   have  an  appointment  scheduled for that day  and  I  have  to reschedule  it.

Words  of  Wisdom:   We  are coming up  on having to  face  a  tough decision in our  lives, so this  is  for me  as  well  as  everyone  else  (these are always  for myself  too).   “Progress  in  life  is  not  measured  by  security  but  by  growth;  and growth  means taking  occasional  risks.   You’ll  never  get  anywhere interesting  by  always  doing  the safe  thing.”

Any  totally  safe road  you  find  will  lead  only  to  stagnation.    Life  is  a series  of  choices  and chances.  It  requires  faith  and  action.   You  can’t   stay in  the  harbor  and discover  new  worlds  at  the  same  time. (John C.  Maxwell)

We  have  to  put our  trust  in  God.

God,  lead  the  children in  the  direction   you  want  them to  go  and let them  always  keep  their  trust  in  You.   Amen.

Thanks  &  God Bless!    (by  the way, I  am  not  always  receiving  emails  when  someone  leaves   a  comment   or contacts  me  through  the  blog, so if  you  don’t hear  from me  after  contacting  me through  the contact  section, please  contact  me by  phone.   I have also  tried  to  email  people back  through  an  email  and  it  wouldn’t go through,  so  please  if  you  haven’t  heard  from me  try  contacting  me  again.)