Please  continue to pray for  Marty.  We  get  busy  and time goes  by, but  we  have to remember that she  still needs  our  prayers,  so please  take time to pray for  her.  She does continue to make  progress  and still has much therapy to  do  and I  still have faith that  she  is going to  heal to the fullest.  God can do  it!

These two were so much fun.  I  had such  a  great time  capturing these  moments.   I  have  photographed  “K”  before  but this  was the first time for me  to photograph “W”.   He is so handsome  too.   My  little  men  always  end  up doing great  in  front of my  camera.   Amanda, I  really  got  some cute  one’s  of them together for  Christmas  cards, but  didn’t  post them  here.   I’ve  got to  get my  kids out and get their  pictures for  my Christmas  cards  too.  I  can’t  wait.   These  are  a  few of my  favorites.   I  had so many great  one’s  and  it  was  hard  to choose.  Hope  ya’ll  enjoy  these.

Words  of Wisdom:  Bad  things  happen  because  we  live in  a  fallen ,  sinful world. However, be assured  that in  all  things  God  works  for  your  good  if you  love him  and are heeding  to  his  call.  You  may not  see  the good  now, but trust God’s  eternal  perspective and  timing.    We  don’t understand  why  bad things happen, but we  have to  put our  trust  in God  that  in  the  end  we will understand and He  will work it out  for the good.

And  we  know that in  all things  God  works  for  the  good  of  those who  love him, who  have been called  according  to  his purpose.

ROMANS  8:28

God ,  when  disappointments  happen to the children,  assure them  that you  work  for  the  good  of those  who  love  you  and  are  living  according  to your purpose.   Amen.

Thanks  &  God Bless!





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mom  got this of me and the kids!