This  post will show up as  Friday but  I am actually posting  at  6:40  on Thursday evening.

Hope  everyone  had  a  great Thanksgiving today.  We  did  other than eating  too  much.  Before  we  eat  at  my enlaws house,  we  always  go around  and say what we  are thankful  for.  We should  thank God every day  for our  blessings.  I  talked  to  Marty’s  husband  today  and  he  said that Marty continues to make  progress  daily  and even though  she  doesn’t have  much  use of her  right side  right now  he is  just  thankful she is alive.    I told him that Marty will  gain use  of that side  I  am  believing that.    The most  important thing  is she  is ALIVE!    Continue to keep her in your prayers.

 I  am  posting  three  sessions  here.  I have  gotten behind  on my posting  because I am  working non-stop  on my  processing.  These sessions were  great  and they were  all  geared towards  Christmas.    Can you believe it  is  almost Christmas.  I  just can’t  believe  it.  I have so many things  I will be  working on in December  to  get ready for 2008.  Next  year  I  am thinking of taking  off  from the week on Thanksgiving  until  after  the  3rd  of Jan.    I  just don’t  think I  am going to have enough time  after  I finish my  processing to  really focus  on the things I need to  focus on and have  plenty of time  for my  kids.  I want to  do  some fun things with my kids during the month  of  Dec.  and I  plan on processing lots of photos of them  next month.   I  will  be  posting  more  of my kids  and older  pics of them that  I  have taken  here  and there  and haven’t  been  able to get  to.   I  am just excited to  be  able  to  spend more time with  them.

Here  are some  of my  favorites.   Hope ya’ll  enjoy!

Words  of Wisdom:   Life isn’t  a  matter of milestones, but of moments.

But  encourage  one another  daily, as long  as it  is called Today.


Jesus, through my  example, teach  the children  to  offer hospitality  to  one anotherr  without grumbling.  Amen.

Thanks  &  God  Bless!

Starting with little Katelyn, she is  just a beautiful little  girl and I enjoyed photographing her again.  I look  forward to  photographing all these families  in 2008.   







I  always  love  photographing these  children  too.   This  was my  first time photographing the oldest  and isn’t he handsome.   I believe  he  could  be  modeling.   The  youngest  wasn’t  in the mood to be  photographed this  day but  I still managed to get a few of her.  All these kids  are beautiful and they all  have great eyes!    Hope  ya’ll enjoy these.








This was  a  great  shoot.  It  was  so much fun photographing  these  two  children  again.   I was so excited when Christy  asked if  her husband could  join  in.   What a beautiful  family.  Hope   you enjoy  these  from  this  session.