Before  I  start  this  session, I just  want to  remind  everyone to  continue to pray  for Marty.  She  is  making  progress but  it  is  slow.    I  am believing that  God is  going to  restore  her  health  to  her previous state.  I  am claiming this in the name of Jesus.  Please  pray!    Actually I am coming  back  to  add  this  great  news,  just  talked to her brother  and  Mary is talking  more  and responding  even more this  afternoon.  God  is  Great!!!!



There is  a  story  behind  these photos  and I  am so  glad  that I am able  to  share it  with  you.   I  tell  you what  I really meet  some awesome  people doing this  job  and feel this  is  one  reason God has called me to  do this.   When  I met  with  Macy  and her  mom,  her  mom told  me that Macy is  a  special  and precious  little  girl.  Macy was  adopted  after  a  long  wait (she  is  a  true blessing from God).    When Macy  was 2, just before her 3rd birthday  her father  went to  be  with  the Lord.  Macy  had a special  bond with  her  father  and carries  a big  part  of him in her heart.   Macy brought  along  a  part of  her  dad with  her  and I  was  so excited  to  be  able  to  capture  these  moments.    Macy has  so much personality and she  reminded me  of myself  somewhat.  Here  are  a few  of my  favorites.   Hope  ya’ll  enjoy.

Words  of Wisdom:  A  good  father  will  leave  his imprint  on his daughter  for the  rest of her life.   (James  C.  Dobson)

When  I  am  afraid, I  will trust  in you.

PSALMS  56:3

I  pray Lord  that  the children  will trust in your unfailing  love  forever.  Amen.

Thanks &  God Bless!








Me  &  Macy!  She was so much fun! 

In  2008   I  plan to  always  have a  picture  with  me  and the kids  as  a signature of  mine.  This  photo  will  be  attached  to  the  proof book  for  the children  to  have.  I  will  be  setting  my  camera  to  auto  and  allowing  the parent to  take  the photo  as  we  did  here.