These  two  girls  are just beautiful.  They  fight, get  along, fight, get  along,  ……..   Isn’t  that what sisters  do!   I had a great time photographing them.    These two  are  Mason’s cousins (part of the three-in-one session).   When  you get  these  two  together you never know what you  might see, and  I had a great time capturing these moments.  Bridgett, these  two  are  beautiful!    Here  are  a few favorites.   Hope ya’ll  enjoy.

Words  of Wisdom:  Tell  your  family-Y.M.T.M.-  You Matter  To Me.    Home is not given, but made.(mama’s  rules for livin).

Bridgett  I know you  have  a  lot  of faith and have been  through a lot, so this poem I found is for you.  Your girls will be saying this one day.

My Mother:

You faith in me, Mother,

Has  inspired me to be

Much more than I had planned,

Had  you not trusted me.

Just knowing you expected

Courage  from me in life

Has helped me stand my ground

When others fled from strife.

Your prayers for my success

And faith I  would arrive

Put  me  in  debt to you

As  long as I’m  alive.

Mother, I  often say,

Whether  I lose or win,

Your  faith pulled up my average

From what I might have been.

(A  gift  of joy and gladness by Perry Tanksley).

Lord  I  pray that  you  will give mothers faith in God that he will see their children through.  Amen.

Draw  near to  God  and he will draw near to you.