sb-blog4.jpg(I don’t  know how I got this, it was not planned and when I saw these I felt I had to add the phrases.  I realized  I didn’t have it in correct order after I did it.)

This  session was  alot  of fun.  You are only seeing a portion of it right now.   This was really 3 sessions in one and I am working on the others now.  I   did  some of all the cousins together too.  I’m not sure I will be posting those  I believe   I will  just post the individual sessions.  Mason was one of my first posts and  it  is such  a joy  watching him grow.  His mom is a good friend of mine and  I  know she loves this little fellow  so much.  He is a great mixture of his mom and dad.  Her are a few of my favorites.  Hope ya’ll enjoy.    He  is just too  cute!

Words of Wisdom:   Our  children  are precious  and they  are God’s  treasured  posession.   Be  sure  they  know it by telling them each day.  It is very important  to let your children know how much they are loved.

For  you  are  a people holy to the Lord your God.  Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the Lord has chosen you to be his treasured possession.


Lord,  help  us to tell  our children how much we love them daily. Help  us to tell  them they are your treasured possession, loved with an everlasting love.  Amen.

Thanks  & God Bless! 

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