It is going to seem like I posted more pics than usual, but this was actually two seperate sessions. Once Ella’s mom got here for some photos with her friend Anna Bell, she decided she wanted some of just Ella too, so we ended up doing two sessions at the same time. It was great, and we had a great time other than the heat. We all got so hot, but it was worth it. The kids were a blast to watch play and wonder around, and even eat a little dirt. I had a hard time deciding what to post, but here are some of my favorites. I look forward to their session in November.

I need to go ahead and mention a few things. Several people have asked me if I am going to have Christmas cards; yes, I am going to offer Christmas cards to my clients. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 318-669-7399. Others have been asking if I am going to do anything special for the Christmas cards, and others are just planning on using something from one of their sessions. I am considering doing one day of mini sessions that will be about 20 min. each. I will only take a limited number of appointments if this is something I think I can do (if I get cautht up). The only one’s I will book will be the one’s who plan on ordering Christmas cards. I will update later to let everyone know if this is going to happen.

Another note, I will be at a Women’s Conference on Septemper 15th at the West Monroe Convention Center set up with my work on display. The conference is called  A RAY OF HOPE (A Soul Without Hope Is A Dying Soul). The doors open at 8am-4pm. Guests are: Kim Stanley, Southern Grace, Mark & Sabrina Goodman, Shellie Tomlinson, Karen Sammons, and His Heart & Hands Singing & Outreach Ministries. Ticket cost is $10 at door, $8 in advance. To purchase tickets, call Betty Sue May at 318-355-1436. All proceeds will be donated to Ray of Hope Ministries Designated for orphanages in Mexico. We would love for everyone to come out and join in on this. It’s all about God and His children.

Words of Wisdom: Love puts the fun in together.
He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.
JOB 8:21

Thanks & God Bless!