Hello everyone. I just received my photographs in the mail today from the Kelly Moore Love Addict Seminar. I wanted to post so many but I have tried to limit them. We all had such a great time photographing the models. They were all beautiful. We dressed them as brides one day and we all divided up in groups. Jen was our bride and she was wounderful to work with. I believe I have one photo of Brittany as a bride. Our model Corey was pregnant and she was awesome too. All of the models were awesome. We were able to work with each one at different locations. I feel like I got so many great shots that it was so hard to limit what I am posting. I hope it’s not overload. We had our Crazies night this past Thursday night and I will be posting soon from that night. Thank You everyone for the comments you leave and for just taking the time to look at my site.

If the photograph is small, just double click on it and you can view it larger.

God Bless!