I’m sorry it has taken me so long to post. I was out-of-pocket last week for 3 days. My wounderful husband surprised me for Valentines Day and sent me to Kelly Moore’s “Love Addict” Photography Seminar. He had Kelly call and surprise me. I wasn’t going to be able to go because of State coming to our work, but my husband contacted my boss and made arrangements for me to be off. I feel so blessed to have been able to attend the seminar. I want to thank my husband and my boss for helping make it possible.

A good friend of mine “Rachael” was in this past weekend. She called me while I was at the seminar and told me she wanted me to take pictures of her son “Jack”. I feel honored that she wanted me to take them. I know there are lots of people in the Baton Rouge area that take great pictures. I had a great time taking these photos. I wanted to post a few of my favorites. There are more, but I wanted Rachael to have a surprise too. Thank’s for allowing me to take part in Jack’s stages of life. He is a beautiful child.