img_651401-blog.jpgimg_635901-blog.jpgimg_636004-blog.jpgimg_633402-blog.jpgimg_634702-blog.jpgimg_632301-blog.jpgThis is my handsome little nephew born December 29th 2006. His dad is looking forward to the tax break. He is a beautiful boy. I know he will grow up in front of my camera too. We are working on a birth announcement right now and have a great one designed for him. I’m hoping to offer announcements and cards this year. I am designing some now and hope to have them for viewing at a later date. I will be offering frames also soon and I am trying to get my husband to start making wood frames for me too. I love this field of work. I am also working on advertising things now, and I will be showing tutus in my advertising that can be ordered for your princesses. I will be working on great things this year. I am going to be working on a website as well, but until then some of my work will be posted here. I feel God has blessed me with this beautiful gift and I look forward to blessing others by photographing their lives.

I am only posting a few until after the announcements are sent out.