img_539601-blog.jpgimg_539202-blog.jpgimg_538401-blog.jpgimg_538002-blog.jpgimg_535301-blog.jpgimg_536901-blog.jpgimg_534601-blog.jpgimg_533301-blog.jpgimg_533202-blog.jpgimg_532601-blog.jpgimg_531901-blog.jpgimg_531701-blog.jpgimg_530801-blog.jpgimg_529601-blog.jpgimg_529201-blog.jpgimg_528701-blog.jpgimg_528301-blog.jpgimg_527801-copy-blog.jpgimg_528101-blog.jpgimg_52750-blog.jpgStephanie was such a pleasure to photograph. She was so open-minded and willing to do whatever I wanted to do. Sephanie is a former model, but I think she still has a job for modeling. She is just beautiful. I know she has had her baby boy now and I can’t wait to see him. Stephanie is now the mother of three boys.

My husband bought me this beautiful old truck featured in several of my photographs for my birthday. He knows me well.